Step How to Develop Online Learning Software for Online Teaching


Step How to Develop Online Learning Software for Online Teaching

A well-rounded education can be beneficial to your professional life in a variety of ways. Children in today's society have the option of obtaining their education online by utilizing the most recent technology. A portable computer or a smartphone can be useful in a variety of situations. However, the primary mode of instruction is distance learning, which is a concept that has been implemented in the past. Since the 1800s, people have been using it. 1911 marked the beginning of operations for the Department of Correspondence Studies at the University of Queensland in Australia.

The number of people participating in online education is expected to continue rising. After the epidemic that swept the globe, it received a substantial boost (COVID-19). It is anticipated that it will develop at a compound annual growth rate of 9.1 percent between the years 2018 and 2026. This article provides additional information on the significance of creating software for virtual classrooms, as well as the means by which this can be accomplished and the benefits that it offers.

What exactly is software for a virtual classroom?

The use of Virtual Classroom Software, which is exactly what it sounds like it does, enables instructors to hold their daily class meetings online. Students can connect to online courses in large numbers using their smartphones, computers, or laptops by installing the necessary software on these devices. Students can also use notebooks.

It may consist of a single application or a collection of different software tools, all of which are designed to assist students in their various academic endeavors. Access to the course materials, completing schoolwork, reviewing assignments and academic achievement, constructing the course framework, and designating scores are just a few of the most well-known activities that can be carried out in this online environment. Other possibilities include:

The following are some statistics and instances that can help describe it in a more understandable manner:

informational Statistics, Evidence, and Examples

In the year 2020, the smartphone e-learning business brought in an additional $38 billion.

Six billion is the estimated increase that will take place between 2017 and 2022.

Educational solutions such as virtual reality and augmented reality, gamification, and mechanization all make use of modern technologies.

Eighty percent of companies and fifty percent of educational organizations are currently using some kind of online learning application.

Zoom, Blackboard collaborates, EdApp, and Deck Toys are just a few instances of the types of online learning platforms available today.

Over 16,000 classes can be accessed through LinkedIn Learning in a total of seven languages.

Skillshare is a tremendously popular online learning community that boasts over 4 million regular members and over 24,000 courses.

The Growing Acceptance of Internet Instructional Resources

Learning can be accomplished through a variety of methods when done online. Some of these methods include voice and video conferencing, real-time conversation whiteboards, online instructional resources, and many more. This technique of learning is beneficial to a wide variety of organizations, including schools and other educational establishments, the government, enterprises, and employees, so that they can enhance their abilities. The advancement of technology over the course of the last few years has made it possible for better and more effective learning as well as individualized solutions that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of an eLearning solution.

One of the most important reasons for the recent surge in demand for eLearning applications is:

a few of the primary justifications

The practicality of learning at home with a laptop or computer is much more pleasurable than learning in other locations than the grounds of a college or school, such as a park or library. This is because learning at home with a laptop or computer allows for more personalized instruction. Individuals are able to participate in live courses from wherever they choose thanks to the advent of virtual classrooms.

Students who are participating in a variety of activities or traveling to compete in athletic events are more likely to miss their required introduction courses. You won't have to worry about this anymore thanks to the proliferation of possibilities for online education.

Many times, students who reside in more rural regions need assistance in order to make it to their classrooms on a daily basis. Those who live in these areas would benefit tremendously from receiving their schooling online. Scholars are free to pursue their education and certifications at any institution of their choosing.

One of the most significant issues is that students frequently require assistance in locating relevant resources for their coursework. The study resources that are available in a digital classroom include books, textbooks, and notes, as well as assignments and solutions. Students who have been given permission to access them through their profiles can get to them without much trouble.

The epidemic, which quickly spread across the world, posed a challenge for all commercial and instructional establishments. Many educational establishments have migrated their classroom instruction to the format of online learning using a variety of methods, spanning from pre-existing tools to ones that were developed in-house.

The following are some pieces of evidence that support the idea:

Udemy is an online education marketplace that boasts a user base of 12 million and over 20,000 teaching professionals.

Teachable has more than 20,000 online courses, with 7500 instructors teaching them, and 3 million students using the platform.

Students in the United States use internet resources for studying at a rate of 63%.

The market for workplace training delivered via the internet is expanding and is projected to be worth at least $50 billion by 2026.

Principal Characteristics of Applications Designed for Internet Educational Settings

When it comes to the solutions offered by digital classrooms, one has access to a wide variety of inventive instruments to choose from. The following are some of the most important characteristics:

principal characteristics of the educational application

Students have the ability to see the instructor live while they are being instructed thanks to video conferencing. It might be a one-on-one instruction, or it might be a lesson that makes use of the classroom. Keeping an eye on what's being written on the blackboard and the screen of the computer could fall under this category.

Help Desk An easily accessible help station that students can use to gain access to and receive technological assistance in the event that they run into any issues with the video conferencing or any of the other features.

Courses: For the convenience of the students, each and every subject has been mentioned. Students have the option of constructing the method of their choice and organizing it in a timetable for themselves.

Study materials: Students have access to the study materials, as well as the assignment, reference materials and notes, seminars, and other materials to assist them with their current course when they log into their online learning platform. Students spare themselves the trouble of actively seeking out the necessary course materials.

Notifications The notification feature is functional, and as a result, both students and instructors are able to receive critical information based on the preferences they have established. These might be reminders for a student at the commencement of the next session, or they might be reminders for the instructor or presenter to organize their instructing timetable for the entire day.

Storage of files: Both instructors and students have access to a variety of options for keeping files. Students have the ability to save recordings of lectures to use as references when working on assignments or learning. You can also schedule lectures so that they are more easily accessible in class. Additionally, they can use it in future classes or for modifying existing material.

It is reasonable for instructors to evaluate their students' achievement online if the students are learning online, attending courses online, and presenting their work online. In addition to that, students have the option of viewing their achievement evaluations online.

Screen sharing is a method that can make classroom instruction more interesting for students by allowing teachers to show students what's on their own computers.

The students are presented with their credentials online, most frequently in the form of an email, and the certificates are made accessible for distribution.

Administration: The control interface that is accessible online makes it simpler for the administrator to keep track of all of the students and courses.

What are the Advantages of Doing So?

Everyone, including students, instructors, and even the institute, can benefit in some way or another from the use of the software that manages virtual classrooms, including the institute itself. The following is a list of important advantages:

The online teaching technique provides teachers with more control over the framework of their classes, which is beneficial to both the students and the teachers. It enables instructors to use a variety of contemporary instruments to assist them in driving their teachings into the minds of their students. In addition to this, it assists students in understanding the material in a more participatory manner.

Both the children and the instructors will find this option to be the most practical one. Students are not required to skip a class because they can attend it from anywhere, regardless of whether they are away participating in a variety of activities, performing athletics, or trying to balance the requirements of their distinct life with the demands of their coursework. Because they are able to do so from any location, teachers do not need to postpone lessons when they are absent.

One of the most significant difficulties that working professionals face is attempting to squeeze their required study time into their already packed schedules. This issue can be remedied by utilizing a virtual classroom as it reduces the amount of time spent commuting between the schools.

Students are able to study at their own pace when participating in virtual learning workshops.

Beginners can capture live classes for subsequent use.

The training can be taken anywhere in the globe with little to no additional effort. Simply posting their system or classroom materials online and making sure that everyone can access them is one way to boost the efficiency of these resources.

Students have more control over their time and can engage in more collaborative learning as a result.

Instructors can facilitate more effective learning for their students by creating new scholastic resources, embracing an integrated strategy, and utilizing contemporary technological tools.

By charging students a fee to enter their courses, educational institutions have the potential to increase their financial resources and therefore their level of profit.

Guidelines for the Creation of a Software for a Virtual Classroom

The software for a virtual classroom can be modified to work with any application and includes a number of different steps. It is possible that it will contain a database of the classes, make recommendations for classes based on the preferences of the user, process registrations and enlist students, systematize evaluations, and so on.

The following are some suggestions for developing applications along these lines:

Guidelines for the Creation of a Software for a Virtual Classroom

To ensure that you are conscious of the requirement for online learning solutions, it is important that you gather information regarding the fundamental demands of the course.

It is absolutely necessary to come up with a sum of money in order to produce the solution. In addition, it is highly recommended that you investigate the potential expenses of advancement according to your specific requirements.

There is a wide variety of applications available for use in virtual classrooms. Before making communication with a virtual software design company, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the requirements and goals of the software creation project.

Alongside the process of designing the software, there should be a workshop dedicated to brainstorming. This is very important because they now need to decide how many features they want to include and what kind of solution they want to create, and this can only be done once they have this information.

Get in touch with the knowledgeable staff at Acquaint Softtech to get the designing and developing process started.

There are a lot of things that will determine how much it will cost to develop this software, such as the size of the project, the mode of distribution (whether it will be delivered via a mobile device or a website), and the features that will be included in the final product.

This solution will require several fundamental modules, including modules for course registration and scheduling, evaluation and real-time courses, funding and administration of teachers, and so on.

The Price of Software to Create a Virtual Classroom

The price of developing software of this kind is contingent on a wide range of factors, including the following:

It is dependent on the objective of the software, what it is supposed to be used for, as well as the manner in which it will be used.

The specifications for the software of a virtual classroom developed for an educational establishment will be different from those developed for a business.

One has the option of selecting bespoke software, smartphone applications, or webpages.

The cost of the project is going to be determined in part by the location of the development business or the developer. Generally speaking, the fees charged by development businesses in countries such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other European countries are higher. On the other hand, the expense of advancement is lower for those that are situated in Asian countries. These are comparable to the ones that are located in India.

Additionally, it differs depending on the degree of difficulty or sophistication of it. There is a strong correlation between solution complexity and cost. However, it is also possible to incorporate additional features that make use of sophisticated technology such as augmented reality and virtual reality. The program or website will set you back additional money.

The majority of the costs are attributable to the development and quality control processes.

Other processes, such as the creation of user interfaces and user experience (UI/UX) and analysis, as well as research and the administration of projects and programs, can also incur costs.

It is a solution to a software problem that can be created by other developers. It is also not recommended to hire a staff from within the company because doing so might result in higher costs. Employing developers with a background comparable to that of Acquaint Softtech is the most effective approach. Get in touch with Acquaint Softtech if you are interested in hiring software developers for your virtual classroom.

Applications of eLearning Solutions That Are Most Popular

The implementation of eLearning is becoming an increasingly common practice. A wide variety of educational opportunities can be found on a variety of websites, mobile applications, and desktop programs. The following are some of the most common types of eLearning options:

universal application

Company offering students who wish to pursue their education online website-based learning alternatives. Online learning gives students access to their seminars as well as the resources for their classes. The utilization of text, pictures, and videos, all of which are designed to make the educational process more interesting, is one of the primary benefits provided by this mode of instruction.

Virtual classroom Virtual classroom software allows you to connect your physical classroom with instructors who are able to instruct from their homes using a variety of tools. Students are also able to attend the class from the comfort of their own homes.

This cutting-edge approach to education and instruction, known as microlearning, is gaining traction, specifically among business customers. In most cases, it consists of a 10-minute lesson that is designed to teach the required information while simultaneously guaranteeing a greater rate of information retention and practical learning. This is the ideal instruction program for a corporation.

Mobile Learning Because it can be accessed by each individual learner, mobile learning is one of the most efficient teaching methods. It is also becoming increasingly popular. It is practical as well as adaptable. It works wonderfully with a wide range of dishes. It is much simpler to use modern technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality.

Teaching on product knowledge: Getting employees familiar with the software that an organization already has in place is a challenge that almost every business must face. It may be possible to accomplish the objective by developing a specialized training program for staff members and making it available to them online. In addition to making the learning process easier for all employees, it makes the business process more efficient overall.

Instruction in the use of software: The corporation makes use of specialized software that is indispensable for day-to-day operations. Highly effective is a bespoke training solution that both educates employees on the requirements of the business and teaches them how to use the software. Because it can be accessed at any time and from any location, it reduces the likelihood of common errors and interruptions. This method is useful for teaching a variety of software applications, including Microsoft Exchange and AutoCAD, as well as Adobe software such as Photoshop and many others.

The Benefits of Creating Your Own Strategy

Those who are interested in commencing internet instruction can choose between two different choices. You have the option of doing it with one of the standard tools and applications or coming up with a bespoke solution that gives you complete control over both the content and the manner of distribution. Creating a summary of your specifications and then having the developer incorporate it into your app in a way that is in accordance with the goals and objectives of your company is the most time- and labor-effective method. You could also include advanced or one-of-a-kind learning instruments to make the process of education easier.

Do eLearning Platforms Represent the Future of Education?

The eLearning tools include microlearning, gamification, video-based learning, and social learning to make the educational process more engaging, interactive, and relevant to real-world situations. There are a great number of reasons to believe that the future of eLearning is positive, and that it will quickly continue to acquire popularity:

As a result of the ongoing digital transformation, an increasing number of individuals are turning to the Internet and various electronic devices in order to complete a variety of duties, one of which is education.

Learning through the internet is not only more accessible but also gives instructors more leeway.

The internet resource provides access to a variety of tools and functions that make the material easier to comprehend.

The procedure of evaluating is now more expedient and less difficult.

This method contributes to expense savings for educational institutions, as well as for individual instructors, students, and teachers.

70% of secondary school students in the United States use some form of digital technology on a daily basis.

In the United States, students in elementary school use educational software on a regular basis at a rate of 45 percent, while students in middle school use educational software at a rate of 64 percent.


As a result of the ongoing development of the technology sector, the educational sector now has access to an increasingly high-quality and varied selection of solutions that can facilitate online learning. Students in professional courses, college students, school students, and even employees of corporations can benefit from using the software that is used in virtual classrooms because it is so effective.

It is likely that the use of electronic devices will continue to rise, as will the percentage of students who would rather study online. This suggests that the prevalence of online study platforms will continue to rise. Utilizing the services of an experienced software development company such as Acquaint Softtech to create bespoke software for your virtual classroom could prove to be very beneficial.


How much does it cost to create an application for online learning?

The price of developing an eLearning application is highly dependent on a variety of factors. The choice of platform is an important consideration and one of the most important elements. Other elements include the development business and the manner in which the requirements are satisfied.

What kinds of software and hardware are essential for developing an online course?

The user can access the online course using a variety of devices, including smartphones, notebooks, tablets, personal computers, or laptops, depending on the technique.

What distinguishes the Virtual Classroom from other educational venues and how does it work?

The following is a list of the primary features that are included in a virtual classroom:

Online classroom with real-time interaction


You can obtain the course curriculum through the document that is used for the training.

Easily downloadable course materials, lecture notes, and assignments, as well as student contributions.

View videotaped lectures for the purpose of reference.

A superior level of interactive content

4. To be more specific, what kind of software is used in online classrooms?

Students are able to learn in a virtual classroom using their mobile phones, laptops, or any other technological device of their choosing thanks to a program called virtual classroom.

5. Which of the following is the most successful illustration of a virtual school?

Zoom, Blackboard collaborates, EdApp, and Deck Toys are just a few instances of the kinds of eLearning platforms that are available


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