How does a guest house differ from a hotel?

It is imperative that we consider that different accommodation types have different characteristics, values, and standards that they must adhere to. In order to choose the right lodging for our upcoming vacation, we must consider all factors.

We have listed the five most popular accommodation types below based on guest preferences and budgets. Service apartment in Nashik is the best option to stay safe and feel like a home. In this article, we will compare and explain in detail the major differences between these establishment types: 

There is no doubt that a 5 star hotel will always have very high standards of service and impeccable facilities. As you might expect, this comes with a higher price tag as well. Are they the best on the market? Depending on your preferences and budget, the answer is “not necessarily.”.

Hotels with five or six stars are among the most exceptional accommodations in the world. These undoubtedly include the most extravagant and opulent amenities and services you could possibly imagine.

You can always count on very high standards, both in terms of facilities and quality.
Most likely, the rooms will have everything you need.
All amenities will be up to the standard expected of a hotel.
The star rating of a hotel shows how good its services and facilities are, which makes it much easier to choose between them.
24 hour front desk service
Even though these hotels have higher standards and fancy amenities (again, depending on their star ratings), they usually lack a few key things. Due to the sheer size of these places and the number of guests and rooms that the staff has to take care of, it is just very hard to give personal service. Most hotels are shaped like a ship (in all aspects).

Not getting close
Not getting enough attention
Rooms often don’t have much personality or charm of their own.
Boutique Hotels
Boutique hotels serve as a link between large, fancy hotels and smaller establishments such as guest houses or bed and breakfasts, where you can get personalised service and rooms that are uniquely designed and charming. The key to their success is that they have more guests than staff. Because there aren’t many rooms (or guests), the staff can focus on the details.

  • Most of the time, these small hotels are the best way to get the right mix of nice hotel amenities and unique room features and decor. This is also the best place for guests who like personal service in a small space.

  • Perfect establishments for privacy and intimacy
  • Personalized service with great attention to details
  • You can count on high standards (Boutique Hotels also have to adhere to the international rules and regulations)
  • 24 hour front desk service

  • The main problem with boutique hotels comes from the same thing that makes them stand out. And that’s because they only have a few rooms. So, if you want to stay in one of these hotels, you might want to book your room months in advance just to be safe.
  • There aren’t many rooms.
  • Need to book way ahead of time

Guest houses
  • Most guest houses are family-owned homes that have been turned into places for guests to stay. Most of the time, the owners live on the property, but they don’t let guests use the common areas or their own rooms (like the kitchen, living room, etc.). Also, most guest houses offer more than one meal per day. The most common ones are breakfast and dinner. Also, guest houses are basically Boutique Hotels that are smaller and less expensive.

  • Guest houses are cheaper than either of the two places we’ve already talked about.

Great for privacy and closeness, too.
The most important thing, though, is that the place feels like home.
Personal service and a good relationship with the owners
Home-style cuisine

  • Not every establishment gets a star rating. So, it might be a little harder and take a little more time to choose the right one.
  • More often than not, international standards are used as guides. Because of this, you can expect that the owners won’t follow certain rules.
  • Less expensive means less expensive. Hotels are more likely to have more facilities and services.
  • Reception is only open during certain hours.

  • Hostels are the best way to travel when you don’t have much money. Most of the time, these places have big rooms that you have to share with several other travellers or backpackers. Bunk beds are a very common way to sleep at these kinds of places to stay. There are also shared bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms, among other things.

  • There may be facilities for self-catering, if that’s what you prefer.

  • There aren’t a lot of amenities and services available in Hostels.
  • Often, travelers also share bedrooms, bathrooms, and other common living areas. This is not a good place to stay if you want privacy.
  • The facilities and services are the least luxurious of all the different types of accommodations.
  • Very few hours that reception is open.


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